The City AM Hall Of Fame

Sponsor our next City AM Hall Of Fame

Sponsor our next City AM Hall Of Fame

Sponsorship Opportunity

The very good reason to stand out in the Who’s Who Hall of Fame is the endorsement of credibility it brings.

Even more so when it is published within City AM. As well as appearing within the Hall of Fame, you will also be awarded with a plaque recognising your achievement.

There are various reasons you may want to sponsor the Who’s Who Hall of Fame:

  1. You have great news to share that needs to get into the marketplace
  2. Your have an announcement to make to the City of London
  3. You want to demonstrate a local presence to your city customers

If your story, news, or current imperative is such that you should be featured in our next Hall of Fame promotion, please let us know here:


Update: Find about the five big Who’s Who co-brand opportunities

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