How To Disney (Re-invigorate) Your Business


In this Webinar Martin Lee and David White discuss “How To Disney (reinvigorate) Your Business” and we use the moslty forgotten Disney business “map” from the 1950s that lays out how all the parts inter operate.

It is most fascinating that so much of this survives and is clearly in play today. In the Webinar we marvel at how much of it could be applied to todays businesses. This time proven billion dollor, global strategy is full of hidden gems, as we discover.

Hit play to listen in to this webinar.

Here’s part two:

Updated story: The politicians of Anaheim, CA decided in their infinite wisdom that they should tax Disney, only Disney, no one else, an entry fee tax as Disney are so successful.

The current CEO: Bob Iger explained that his planned investment of $1bn would have to be made elsewhere and all the jobs would have to move elsewhere too if the tax went ahead. Were this to happen, Anaheim would lose more than it would gain.

The politicians quickly retreated on their position and whilst at it Bob asked them to guarantee that they would not be taxed for thirty years more either.

Now that is what Who-“ing” is all about. Bob Iger is confident in who he is and certain about what he has. It will all be to the benefit of residents and tax payers of Anaheim too.

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