Luke Lang To Be Awarded Who’s Who Honorary Fellowship


In recognition of Luke Lang’s achievements as co-founder of CrowdCube, the selection committee offered Luke Lang an Honorary Fellowship of the Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite.

Today we are delighted to announce that Luke Lang of CrowdCube will accept his Honorary Fellowship at the Who’s Who Summer Garden Party to be held within The William Kent Gardens of The Ritz.

CrowdCube has taken on the banks and venture capitalists using a disruptive model of equity crowdfunding and achieved a world first! An exit that has provided profits in multiples for investors since the sale of E-Car Club to Europcar.

There will be an opportunity to get your photograph taken with Luke and of course to talk with him on a one to one basis about either investing or attracting investment to your venture as well.

This world first is a significant milestone for Crowdcube and the wider crowdfunding sector, and with over 55,000 people having joined the crowdcube crowd and with more than £53.4 million having been invested through the platform so far this year, it comes at a time when crowdfunding is more popular than ever.

Luke demonstrates what we look for in our Who’s Who members. He’s someone with entrepreneurial flair, an over-achiever and someone who refuses to be constrained by established industry norms. That’s why he’s worthy of his Honorary Fellowship. And why you’ll be taking this opportunity to meet him and other like-minded business men and women from the Who’s Who Of Britain’s Business Elite on Tuesday the 25th of August 2015.

If you have not booked your ticket or are still undecided then this should be the news that triggers action – and you only have till Wednesday to save £100 on each ticket.

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