Who’s Who Chairman speaks at the United Nations


Last week was a double whammy for Who’s Who Chairman Graham Rowan.

On Monday he hosted the inaugural Champion of Change award at the Palace of Westminster, welcoming Zac Goldsmith as he presented the trophy to City legend Nicola Horlick.

Three days later he was speaking at arguably the most prestigious location on the planet, the United Nations headquarters in New York. With 193 member countries represented at this ‘no man’s land’ in the middle of New York City, it’s where the world’s leaders meet to discuss and oversee some of the most important political and humanitarian decisions impacting humankind.

Graham speaking at UNGraham was invited to speak at the UN as part of the Global Economic Initiative, with 22 serial entrepreneurs speaking about not-for-profit initiatives they are involved in around the world. He shared the stage with legendary leadership guru Brian Tracy as well as business owners from countries such as Singapore, Sweden, Australia, The Gambia and of course America.

You may already know that Graham’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to bring an end to the financial illiteracy that limits the financial independence of so many of our fellow citizens. He used his talk to give examples of how widespread the problem is, even among the professional classes he meets on a day to day basis. He informed delegates of the shocking statistic that 1 in 8 people in the UK are in serious difficulty with debt. And he announced the launch of the Plain English Finance Foundation, which will provide free financial education and coaching to people referred from accredited debt counselling agencies like Christians Against Poverty, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Money Advice Service.

“If someone has already looked in the mirror and recognised that they need to take action to get on top of their debt, there are great people waiting to help them in these organisations”, said Rowan. “What the Plain English Finance Foundation will do is help them take that critical next step into saving, investing and wealth creation. It will transform their lives to start having some money behind them rather than being slaves to debt.”

Graham chairs Plain English Finance Limited, an FCA regulated company that helps investors implement the strategies outlined in company founder Andrew Craig’s book, How To Own The World. By diversifying across asset classes, countries and currencies their clients benefit from growth wherever it occurs on the planet.

The event was captured by a documentary film crew so it will become part of Graham’s life story from this point forward. A bit like our Champions of Change program will become part of the story of those selected to participate in the next cermony in the House of Lords this autumn.

Parliament and the UN in a single week. How will Graham follow that?

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